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UAE’s first floating station is now at Dubai Festival City

Dubai is now home to the UAE’s first floating public transport station. The new floating station is called Dubai Festival City Marine Transport Station and can be found at Dubai Festival City.

The station will integrate marine transport with the Dubai metro and buses, meaning you’ll be able to swan around the entire city with a mere flash of your Nol card.

A pier and shaded outdoor areas will provide direct access for the water bus, water taxis, ferries and abras, the latter of which will run every ten minutes between Dubai Festival City and Jadaf Stations from 7am until midnight daily, for the thrifty price of just Dhs2.

The station can accommodate 25 passengers and is fitted with WiFi (naturally), as well as high-tech devices that show timetables, journey information, weather conditions and more.

The station is the first of many planned marine stations including Business Bay and Dubai Water Canal across Jumeirah beaches.

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