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Emirates announces plans to go single use plastic-free


Emirates is the latest major business to announce its plans to go plastic-free, and stop use of the use of single-use plastic products on its aircraft.

The airline has said that its entire network has already reduced the number of single-use plastics on-board – with the start of June seeing plastic straws replaced with eco-friendly paper straws.

But the work won’t stop there, it will also look at increasing the number of long-term sustainability initiatives it has aboard its entire operation. As well as replacing straws, drinks stirrers and those other little sticks you get in cups will be replaced with a more eco-friendly alternative by the end of 2019.

And, from August, Emirates has pledged to replace plastic bags with recyclable paper bags. In all, it hopes that the initiatives being launched this year will see the airline prevent an estimated 82 million single-use plastic items from ending up in landfill every year.

More plans are under way, including more responsible recycling of some 150,000 plastic bottles each month.

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